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Professional Wedding Video

Why would you settle for just a wedding video?

When you may own a Victory Video!

Victory Video is Rochester and Western New York's ONLY wedding specialist. We only do weddings! Call us and ask us to video your theatre event or your soccer game. You will be sorely disappointed. We only do weddings. We are THE wedding specialists. Press the "Testimonies" button on the left and see what real Brides and Grooms have to say about Victory Video.

Why does Victory Video have hundreds of testimonies from satisfied Brides and Grooms?
Maybe it is the unobtrusive filming skills?
Maybe it is the awesome interviews, photo montages or highlight videos?
Maybe it is the crystal clear image and sound?
Maybe it is the superb cinematography coupled with the superior editing?
Why would anyone settle for a wedding video, when you may easily own a Victory Video?

That's right!.....all of our packages include 3 DVD copies !

That's right!....all of our packages include all day coverage!

That's right!....all of our packages include 2 friendly videographers!

What filming style do you use when you video?

Victory Video uses 2 styles depending on where we are in your long format video and what it is we are trying to convey. We use the quick wit and sharp focus of the NY City Journalistic Style to get the points across and also the romantic Hollywood Cinematic Style to bring on the tears of a true Love Story. Both of these styles are found in all three of our wedding video packages.


To produce a wedding video that reflects the joy and fun of the most important day of your life. Not only the joy that the Bride and Groom share; but of all the Family and Friends that gathered together to help them enjoy the biggest celebration of their entire life. Our mission is to preserve the joy for generations to come.

Take your OWN Survey. Most Mom's and Dad's do not have wedding
videos. It was not available "back in the day". Ask your Mom and Dad how
wonderful it would be for them to see and relive the sights and sounds of
their ceremony, their reception on their wedding day. Wouldn't you as the
daughter or son like to see what your Mom and Dad's wedding day was like?
Unfortunately there is no way. But your memories for you and your children
are different in this day and age. They can be preserved forever on video.

Do it right.....make it a Victory Video!


VICTORY VIDEO wedding footage has recently been

featured on the television show " WILD WEDDINGS".

This show is currently airing on the Discovery Channel.

This season we are having a great clip of an Usher slipping and taking down a Bridesmaid while posing for pictures on an ice rink....YES...ice rink! This clip is amoung many that will be airing this season on the Discovery Channel from Victory Video.


Our goal at your wedding will be to capture forever the Emotion in Motion of the entire day. Emotion is what has brought the Bride and Groom together....and emotion is what your special day is all about!

The most important wedding video ever created is YOURS. Intrust it only to the Wedding Specialists at Victory Video. We ONLY do weddings. We don't do sports, dance shows, commercials....etc., etc.... We only do weddings! We are absolutely and undeniably true Wedding Specialists!

REMEMBER.....All 3 of our wedding packages include ALL DAY COVERAGE by TWO professionals:

1. Pre - Ceremony Coverage

2. Ceremony Coverage

3. Post - Ceremony Coverage

4. Reception Coverage

We simply don't leave anything out! Where else? ........but Victory Video!


We use FULL SIZE shoulder-mounted Professional 3 chip Camcorders (not tiny hand held camcorders). This eliminates "shaky" video and allows our Cinema Artists greater creativity in producing the movie of your wedding day.

What does Victory Video do....
(that other wedding video companies don't)?

  1. We use two professional videographers throughout your wedding day... two for the price of one!
  2. We chase the wedding vehicle and get footage of it in motion.
  3. We are able to shoot video outside in ALL weather... even rain or snow!
  4. Still pictures are scattered throughout the pre and post ceremony sections of your video to keep the pace moving!
  5. We provide two STAFFED cameras in the church/synagogue.
  6. Our packages are ALL INCLUSIVE....no extra charges....period!
  7. We ask our customers to write a testimonial about our work....our satisfied customers are our BEST advertising.

Although we primarily serve the Rochester region, we know that quality Wedding Videography is hard to find. We have filmed weddings from Buffalo to Syracuse and from Rochester to Corning and all points in between. We also shoot DESTINATION WEDDINGS. Check out our ad at the bottom of this page.

Our goal is to create a Movie of your Wedding Day....not just a Wedding Video!

After the wedding day is over and the garter has been tossed there is only one media which will bring back those memories so completely with sight and sound and soul. As you sit in front of your televison, only a professional Victory Video will bring back the day instantly as you jump up and down in your seat with excitement .............

Please allow our Victory Video MovieMaking Team........the opportunity to create your Wedding Dream !

Are you planning a DESTINATION WEDDING in an exotic locale? Simply pay for our accomodations and travel expenses and we will film your ceremony and reception completely free of charge! That's right! FREE! Marriage on the beach or under the palm trees is about as romantic as it gets. We will produce a knock out video for you of the entire day, just as if you were back home. Remember: The Carribbean and Mexico and most of South America are sorely lacking in qualified video artists. For the most part; they just simply do not exist. Also, they are totally lacking in the up to date equipment found with Victory Video.